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From the Street to the Game with Adidas Z.N.E.

Adidas's new Z.N.E. collection is now available at Rock City Kicks. The cotton blend apparel is perfect for a mix of athletic performance and streetwear fashion. We've got it in all-white, because of course we do.

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The Streamlined Simplicity of the Nike ROSHE TWO

Since the launch of the original Roshe in 2012, Nike has steadily been putting out new colors and variations on the popular shoe. On September 1, Nike will launch the ROSHE TWO, featuring five different colorways available in men's and women's sizing at Rock City Kicks.

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The Air Jordan 1 Retro ULTRA HIGH out August 13

Since 1985, the Air Jordan 1 (you know, that shoe that changed sneakers forever) has gone through many interpretations and looks. This Saturday, August 13, we're getting another look at the 31-year-old silhouette in the form of the Air Jordan 1 Retro ULTRA HIGH.

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Fashion/Trainer - Puma x Rihanna Fenty Quarry

When the first round of Puma X Rihanna Fenty trainers hit earlier this year, it was a huge success. Rock City Kicks will be offering these at midnight, eastern standard time, July 15th. That's tonight, if you're reading this July 14.

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