PUMA and Staple: Fresh Takes on Puma Suede & Blaze of Glory

On Saturday, September 17, Rock City Kicks will be the area's exclusive release location for two new takes on the Puma classics Suede and Blaze of Glory.

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The designs are the latest in an incredibly successful and productive collaboration between PUMA and the NYC-based Staple Design.

The PUMA press materials we have say "a little more hustle will be required for this one," and it will. There are four shoes in total, but the other two Suede styles are region-specific.

Staple Creative Director Jeff Staple recalls, “I miss the days when sneaker culture was all about the hunt. You might need to ask a favor from a relative in London, or hit up a homie in Tokyo in order to get grails you really needed. Times have changed in the culture and the way people get their kicks.”

Raving about the collection he says, “That’s why I am really excited about this 4-piece collection with PUMA. We’ve abstracted the trademark Pigeon colors over three different styles of the legendary PUMA Suede. The heels are all “dipped” in Pigeon Pink while the other predominant color is region-specific. “Star White” for The Americas, “Frost Grey” for Europe & the Middle East, and “Pure Black” for Asia Pacific. To cap it all off, we’ve designed a classic Pigeon colored Blaze of Glory that will be available globally at PUMA’s top accounts. Go ahead. Just try and get all of them. Let the hunt begin!"



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