Nike's BHM Collection and RCK

Today we had a great opportunity to incorporate what we do at RCK and to show our pride and appreciation for Little Rock's Central High School. Central High is a place that matters to all of us here. And not just because some of us went to school there, or that some of us live in the neighborhood or that some of us will one day send our children there -- it's because of our shared history, our differences and the challenges we've overcome since September 23, 1957. 60 years later, we are reminded of why we stand beside each other as a team, as friends and as supporters of one another.

Here are a few shots of the Nike and Jordan BHM collection on the Little Rock Central High School campus. Nike uses the proceeds from this collection to donate to the Ever Higher Fundwhich was created to bring mentorship, sport and all of its benefits to youth and their communities. 



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