Cam'ron and Reebok blow Purple Haze on 4/20

When Cam'ron announced he'd be doing a collaboration with Reebok, we knew it was going to be a good one. When we saw the shoes, we knew it'd be a hit. Reebok was nice enough to send these photos of the man himself, seen here serving on stoops, rather than swerving in coupes.

The Cam’ron x Reebok Ventilator Supreme PH “Camron” is a nod to his 2004 Purple Haze album, and  is perhaps the realest since kumbaya. Bomaye, Killa Cam, check out that insole. Seriously, look four photos down at that insole.

Cam'ron's collaboration with Reebok drops on, cough cough, 4/20, because of course it does, at Rock City Kicks.



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