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The Tasty Look of the "Chicken and Waffles" Nike SB Dunk High Premium

RCK is based in Little Rock. We're that no-coast Mid-South where everything, including our downtown, is closed by 5 o'clock. We've all got our stories from the 24-hour all-night Waffle House chain. It's that place of last resort when everything else has shut down and there's still more of the night to be had.

That's why we were so excited to see these new Dunk Highs from Nike SB. The "Chicken and Waffles" Dunk High Premium is out on April 2, 2016, and it hits us in a special spot. With a waffle stamped upper and a syrupy Swoosh on the side, the Flat Gold Star/Classic Brown Dunk High is a shout out to all of us, looking for a good bite at the end of the night.

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By Gayland Scott, on

How much are the shows I won’t one of them

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