For almost six years now, RockCityKicks has continued to be the premier, exclusive sneaker boutique in Arkansas offering unique and limited product at retail pricing.  Beginning in Little Rock's Historic Hillcrest/Heights district, RCK quickly became Arkansas' most sought after sneaker spot.  With help from our local and national customers, we have been able to branch out to surrounding Arkansan communities such as Fayetteville and Conway within our first few years of operation.  We have learned a lot about our craft.  

We have worked hard to maintain a level of sophistication and exclusivity to separate our name and brand from our competitors locally and abroad.  Before RockCityKicks, Arkansan sneaker enthusiasts were forced to search out-of-state or even internationally for the product we now offer locally.  As we work our way into this new year, we hope to continue to build upon the sneaker culture we have culminated within our state alone.  With much appreciation to our local feedback, we have officially put Arkansas on the map.  

With our hard work and dedication, we remain hopeful to go even bigger.  However, there is still much work to be done on a local scale.  RockCityKicks was NOT the first shoe store in Arkansas.  RockCityKicks IS the first and only locally-owned sneaker boutique in the state.  For 2014, we want to offer new opportunities for our customers and with your continued support we will be able to do just that.  



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