The Old Heights Corner Store, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, opened on April 21st, 2016. Located at 5919 Kavanaugh Blvd., in the historic Heights neighborhood of Little Rock, the store offers classic and high-end footwear styles from brands that offer limited distribution across the world. OHCS is a throwback nod to its sister store, Rock City Kicks, which started in 2008 not far from the OHCS Location. While space considerations moved Rock City Kicks to a commercial district, OHCS is a return to a neighborhood atmosphere where strong relationships with local customers built our foundation. Taking that into consideration, Old Heights Corner Store has been deemed as a local market only location, serving the neighborhood i resides in as a local Corner Store should. All product in OHCS is only available to In-Store Customers, to show our appreciation to the people that helped start this company, no phone orders, no website.
       Another special part you'll notice about Old Heights is the interior design. It's built out of a 1950's Basketball Court, that was deconstructed in 2015, reassembled, and used for the design to give OHCS a nice athletic and old fashioned vibe. With athletic memorabilia from athletes around the world, complimentary beverages, and even a Foosball table, we've created the perfect atmosphere for doing a little Corner Store shopping. The store offers standard and iconic designs in sneakers, apparel and accessories, along with new and old, highly sought-after releases. 
The Old Heights Corner Store is also the retail headquarters of Arkansocks, a sock brand launched in 2015. All of OHCS products are featured here online within the RCK incorporation. Please contact the location for specifics.
Old Heights Corner Store5919 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72207
501.313.5700 | Mon-Sat (10am CST - 6pm CST)